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I Bite Reality

18 December 1977
I was a student in America, studying physics in the United States from 2002 to 2004. I'm from Fukuoka, Japan. I earned my B.S. and now I'm back in Japan to look for a job. I have a minor depressive disorder, but I'm mostly friendly.

I like Macintosh computers, programming, talking with my phone, learning korean, jazz/funk, video games and computers, science and tech and thinking in general.

Feel free to contact me via Skype.
70's music, abandoned buildings, academia, acid jazz, akira kurosawa, akira terao, albert einstein, aloneness, anne weiss, annie hall, anti-gossip, apple computers, apple ii, audiophiles, big cities, billy joel, bruce springsteen, cheat codes, classic macs, comedy, computer games, computers, conan o'brien, conscience, cool gadgets, cop shows, cowboy bebop, crusaders, daria, david letterman, diane keaton, donald fagen, dragon quest, dragon warrior, drumming, elaine benes, electronics, fender rhodes, filet o fish, final fantasy, flute, fujiko, funk, geeks, good movies, gre, grover washington jr, ham radio, heavy rail, herbie hancock, hero games, humor, hypercard, iced tea, icons, ikiru, incense, individuality, itunes, jason alexander, jay leno, jazz, jazz fusion, jazzfunk, jerry seinfeld, late 70's, listening to music, logic, logical fallacies, logos, loners, lupin, lupin the 3rd, mac os x, macs, mad magazine, mandarin chicken salad, manhattan, math, mathematics, microcontrollers, morgan freeman, museums, music, night views, nintendo, old computer magazines, os x, palm os, philosophy, photography, physics, physics majors, quantum physics, quotes, r&b, radio, railfan, resedit, retro games, rhodes pianos, robotics, runtime revolution, sarcasm, saxophone, seinfeld, skyscrapers, smart girls, smart people, solitude, soulcalibur, soulcalibur2, steely dan, steve oedekerk, steve wozniak, string theory, subway, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the hidden fortress, the incredibles, the shawshank redemption, ti calculators, tinkering, tonight show, trumpet, urban living, video games, vintage electronics, woody allen, yakisoba, yokohama japan