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Wed, Oct. 8th, 2008, 01:40 am
Engrish Entry

This is a machine-translated blog entry from Japanese (mixi.jp). Can you guess the meaning?

Title: Cram school lecturer interview/mother is recalled.

It applies for the cram school teacher as one step because of becoming the mathematics teacher, and the interview has been received. The interview was awfully tired though the feeling was good. It was considerably tired to have received warning of various prohibited matters (commonsense things of the classroom diplomatic style prohibition, the Mead exchange prohibition, the sexual harassment prohibition, and the power harassment prohibition, etc. with the student and dress codes) with the video etc.

However, the person taught physics at a level the third grade of high-school might be able to work even at once because there seems to be demand that draws near considerably.

The interview is the one that becomes a considerable stress even though the feeling of the interview was good. It comes to want to rely on dying mother when a large stress hangs. The appearance of mother who talks by "Often held out" and the smile floats on eyes. (^_^)