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Fri, Feb. 29th, 2008, 12:29 am
One flew over (to Akihabara.)

Okay, I'm outta hospita! Very likely I will sue the hospital for human rights voilation, but before that, I will my spend time enjoying my freedom fully, here in Kanda and Akihabara, Tokyo.

Yesterday I met up with my best friend from grade school, and then with computer club friends from college. Both fantastic (it's okay for a guy to say 'fantastic', right?).

Today I went to Akihabara to go to see maid Chrome-san (http://www.mai-relax.com/tokyo/) for the first time in seven months, and then had a party with long-term (from 1995) online friends from a HyperCard club that was on NIFTY-Serve (now on Yahoo! groups Japan and mixi).

After that, I went to this Younger Sister Cafe called Nagomi where they were having "Dragon Quest Brave Heroes/Heroines Day." When I enter the cafe, the waitresses said "Whaddaya want, Boss Troll?" and I was surprised, but I got the humor five seconds later. I gained 50 HP (health points) by dining there, and when leaving, I said to one of the waitresses "Since you cast the Mahotora (Magic Power absorption) spell on me, I will reluctantly pay 550 yen to you. Next time we see each other you'll get a 'critical blow' by me, who is a Boss Troll (I resemble one)." I think there I showed the female warrior a good sense of humor ;-).

Thu, Feb. 28th, 2008 08:03 pm (UTC)

Ahh, Clint is playing Dragon Quest VIII (finally) and we keep staying up late because of it. :p How interesting to go to that kind of event ...

"One flew over (to Akihabara.)" would make a great title for something ....

I'm glad you met up with your friends, and yeah, just say it was fantastic!